Armenia Nuptial Customs

In the Armenian culture, there are many nuptial traditions which the bride and groom must adhere to before the wedding day. These customs help keep the day authentic and remarkable for any who go to the special event.


In historical moments, a bride has not been allowed to visit relationship with korean woman the house of her soon-to-be husband not having her mums consent. This is why a small wedding known as Khosk-Arnel occurred. It involved the groom’s spouse and children coming to the bride’s house with presents and an official invitation for the bride’s home.

Dressing the new bride

During this time, a number of women dressed the star of the event in her traditional garments. They also added sweets on to her veil to represent abundance and joy for the modern couple.

Holding the bride’s shoe intended for ransom

A second fun tradition is sustaining the bride’s shoes “hostage” until the groom or his bridal party pays a price to get them to come back. This is certainly quite hilarious, especially when the shoes and so are with funds!

Purple Apple

One of the most important practices that a female must follow before marriage is a Red Apple tradition. It’s a ritual that confirms the bride is usually virgin just before her marriage ceremony night.


The groom’s father or a godfather requires the function of toastmaster during the wedding. He makes a toast to the newlyweds and expresses his appreciation in their eyes.

Breaking the plate

Before going into the fête hall, the newlyweds can sometimes stomp a dish and break it to symbolize their fresh marriage. This is a very unique and fun tradition!

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